Zhou Bo周博

Contemporary architectural space designer
Founder/Design Director, Jingle Design Institute
Guest lecturer, Luxun Academy of Fine Arts

浆果设计研究所创始人 / 设计总监


He insists that the designer is the director of the commercial space, not just presenting visual art. Starting with a rational logic and a keen insight, commercial orientation is at the core. Over the years, he has broken away from stereotypes and examined trends. With his love for design, his work encompasses research into business, condensation of life scenarios and thoughtfulness towards consumers. With the cutting-edge perspective of a scene director, he presents the harmonious unity of design aesthetics and commercial values .


Cai Yuyang蔡雨洋

Contemporary architectural space designer
Strategic Business Planner
Founder/Creative Director, Jingle Design Institute
Guest Lecturer, Luxun Academy of Fine Arts

浆果设计研究所创始人 / 创意总监


Maintaining diversified design thinking and insight into changing business iterations, she is keenly aware of cutting-edge trends. She creates spatial aesthetics and commercial value with diversified thinking, serves audiences with excellent design concepts and commercial planning capabilities, she gives multiple values to spaces by adding artistic style with a balanced aesthetic.